Who Are We?

Kevin Simmons

Founder & Editor in Chief

Kevin Simmons is a veteran in the IT and business development sectors and the founder of Business Tech Innovations. With over three decades of experience in the Silicon Valley tech space, he has worked on groundbreaking projects with companies like Cisco, Intel, Skype, and more. Kevin is also a bestselling author and a community figurehead, supporting educational initiatives in his now neighborhood of San Fernando Valley.

Jessica Henderson

Writer & Editor

Jessica is a sustainability, green tech, ethics, and leadership expert with a foundation in environmental science and business ethics. Her hands-on experience with pioneering Boston companies solidified her thought leadership and brought her to Business Tech Innovations. Jessica has published work in Inc., the MIT Technology Review, The Environmentalist, and more. Her articles combine academic depth with practical value, serving a wide audience.

Brandon Long

Writer & Website Manager

Brandon, an ex-software engineer with Fortune 500 experience, excels at simplifying complex topics. He’s your tech guide, unraveling the intricacies of the business landscape. Brandon also delves into the ethical aspects of innovation, automation, and AI. As a frequent contributor to Business Tech Innovations, he empowers readers with tech insights, making software development and cybersecurity engaging and accessible.

Graham Perry


Graham is a dedicated supply chain and logistics writer for Business Tech Innovations. With over 20 years of experience in operational roles for international shipping corporations, Graham’s expertise is deeply rooted in the real-world challenges of supply chain management. His practical knowledge, natural curiosity, and love of writing are valuable assets for Business Tech Innovations.

Steven Meyers


Steven Meyers brings a wealth of industry experience to the front page of Business Tech Innovations. With a career spanning over 15 years, Steven has held pivotal roles in the automotive and construction sectors. As a former automotive engineer and construction project manager, his hands-on experience is evident in his writing. Steven delivers cutting-edge insights for readers who seek a deeper understanding of technology’s role in shaping the automotive and construction industries.

Michael Martinez


Michael works as an e-commerce consultant by day and contributes to our e-commerce and Business Intelligence content in his spare time. His expertise is built on the strategic analysis of data, delivering valuable insights to enhance decision-making. As a writer, Michael blends his industry experience and tech-savvy insights to offer a treasure trove of information for readers interested in the dynamic world of e-commerce and the transformative power of business intelligence.

Lisa Rivera


Lisa, a versatile writer for Business Tech Innovations, explores the intersection of technology and human capital. Her background in psychology and HR brings a unique perspective to the ethical use of technology in the workplace.

Phil Green


Phil Green specializes in manufacturing, robotics, and automation. His experience as an engineer and manager in the manufacturing industry forms the bedrock of his expertise. With a proven track record of optimizing manufacturing processes through cutting-edge robotics and automation solutions, Phil’s insights are invaluable for readers seeking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of industrial technology.

Brian Russell


As an early adopter and self-taught blockchain enthusiast, Brian has not only weathered the cryptocurrency storms but thrived within them. His writing is a reflection of his self-starting spirit, offering readers a firsthand perspective on the nuances of blockchain technology and the ever-evolving world of digital currencies.