Microbot Push: The Perfect Home Automation Device for Lazy People

Push Button

There has been a lot of talk about the Microbot Push. Some people are singing its praises, while others think it’s the dumbest and most pointless smart device to hit the market. In a way, it’s a bit of both. It’s an ingenious device partly because it’s so simple.

Microbot Push was developed by the South Korean startup, Naran. While they may not sound familiar here in the States, they are well-known on the other side of the planet. The idea behind Push is that we already have a lot of cool smart devices. Now, we just need to connect them all together so we can coordinate the many buttons we have to push. Push is a plastic device that relies on Bluetooth to act as a robotic finger. Simply attach a device to Push and you can automate it. There are few limits to what Push can control. As long as the device is operated by a button or switch, you can make it a smart device with Push.

Here’s how it works. Connect a Push to any device you want to automate, such as light switches, lamps, computers, coffee makers, and other devices. All of these devices connect through the Prota box. Then, from your smartphone or computer, you can use Push to control any of those connected devices. As you sit on your couch, you can turn on the lights, turn off the TV, start up your computer, and turn off a fan.

The Prota box does more than just connect the devices so you can control them all through your smartphone. The Prota can detect and pair nearby microbots and implement IFTTT logic. So, when the sun sets, you can have lights automatically turn on.

One downside is that, although Push is small, it isn’t the most attractive device and can look bulky and out of place on a wall switch or smaller device. Available in white or grey, the plastic case looks a little cheap and won’t match all home decors. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, I wouldn’t be surprised if a smaller, more compact, and more attractive product that works the same will hit the market within the year.

The Microbot Push is currently being funded on Indiegogo. Within the first few days, the campaign already reached 29% of its goal, so it’s safe to say it will likely meet its goal by the end of the campaign. If you take part of the campaign, you can order one Push and one Prota for $159. You can learn more about the Microbot Push on its Indiegogo page.

Photo by: Blake Emrys