New Year, Smart Home Tech, and a Healthier You

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January is the month of resolutions and self-improvement. The problem is that, well, as the months go one and January gets farther away, so do the little victories that are leading you toward your goals. If you’re tired or trying to do it on your own, or if you just like to makes things easy, you might want to look into the ways that smart home tech can help you keep and conquer those health-related New Year’s resolution. With help from the latest and greatest gadgets, you can be on your way to a healthier you.

Food Scales

One way to help yourself achieve your desired health is by paying more attention to the food you are eating, and how much of it you are eating. Smart food scales can be a savoir here, by offering options for weighing and tracking your food and storing that info into a food diary, accessing nutritional information, and even getting recipes from the company’s database.

Body Scales

If tracking your weight is part of your plan, you can get a smart scale to keep you on food scaletrack. These scales can connect to your Wi-Fi and use Bluetooth to calculate and store information about your body mass index, fat mass percentage, water percentage, and bone mass. Some of them can even be used with a heart rate monitor. These types of scales make it so easy to track your progress – no notebook or spreadsheets needed – so there is really no excuse for you to not hit your goals.



If you want to be really extra about your health resolution, you can try using smart  silverware. These pieces of tech will literally track allsorts of things about your eating habits. From how fast you eat to how much you include in a single bite to how much time you are allowing between your meals. You can use all of this information to change the way you eat.

Sleep Trackers

A good way to improve your general health is to improve your sleep. We all know it’s not that easy, though. There are smart products that can help you work toward that goal, including sleep trackers that monitor your deep sleep. Knowing more about your sleep cycles can give you some insight into the best times for you to go to bed and to wake up.

Alarm Clocks

smart alarm clockWe’re all familiar with waking up to buzzing, beeping, music, or some other loud noise. In the new year, why not try a more peaceful awakening routine? Using a gentle, smart alarm clock that vibrates is a much better option. Some even use sleep tracking to determine when it is best to wake you up within your sleep cycle.

A happy, healthy you is more than just your physical health; it also includes where and how you live. Smart home technology can offer you resources that can help you stay organized and reduce the amount of stress and anxiety you have in your life. Consider researching these options to compliment the other health efforts you are making.