Light Up Your Smart Home with Anyware’s New Smart Adaptor

Smart light adaptor

We’ve seen smart lights and adapters before, but nothing quite like this.  The Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is the world’s smartest and smallest connected lamp socket adaptor, designed to provide next generation home automation for everyone.  Finally, no more big clunky fixtures or chords interfering with our sleek smart home appearance.

smart light adaptor

Anyware’s Smart Adaptor isn’t just a pretty face, it’s also the most advanced socket adaptor yet.  This adaptor allows you to control your lighting and alerts you with its monitoring system, all from an app on your phone.

You can set the mood lighting with Home Cinema settings so you never have to get up to turn off the lights while you’re in relax mode.

Help protect your home with the preventive burglar controls setting that uses geofencing to deter and detect intrusion attempts.  Or use scheduling options to have the lighting sporadically go on while you’re away on vacation to keep up the appearance that someone is home.

See when the kids get home from school with the monitoring system, or save yourself some money on your energy bill by using the app to make sure no unwanted lights are on when you’re not home.

smart light adaptor

This adaptor goes beyond just lighting with its indoor climate monitoring technology, so you will be notified of poor or unhealthy temperatures and humidity levels in your home.

The baby alarm setting allows you to set a 20-minute timer so your little one can fall asleep with the lights on.  It also detects sounds after the lights have gone off to keep you informed of any worrisome late night noises.

You can find the E14/E12 LED light bulbs that fit into the adaptor widely available today and can be found at stores like IKEA or online through Amazon.  There is no limit to how many Anyware Smart Adaptors you can control from the app, so you can create and control groups of lights as well. However, it is also worth noticing that you do not have to equip your entire home with Anyware Smart Adaptors. Depending on the size of your home, 3-5 Smart Adaptors will allow you to capture all of the above benefits.

smart light adaptor

We’re pretty excited about this product because surprisingly, nothing of this quality really exists yet.  You can also help back Anyware now on Kickstarter. They have a variety of early bird specials to choose from, except the ten pack which has already sold out!  This seems like a great addition to any smart home, and you can expect a product review on it soon.