4 Reasons to Invest in Home Automation

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Smart homes. It’s all we hear about, whether we’re browsing Kickstarter projects or reading our favorite tech blog. I don’t know about you, but I love it and apparently so do millions of others, or the topic wouldn’t be splashed across the front pages and there wouldn’t be conferences solely dedicated to it. Sure, I could blab for the next hour about how amazing home automation is. But I’m not going to. Instead, I’m going to share 4 reasons to invest in home automation.

Here’s why you should jump on the smart home bandwagon:

1. Everybody’s Doing It

Did you know that, by 2017, 90 million homes globally will be automated? Even the tech averse have started to admit that home automation is the future and there are no ifs, ands, or buts. While I’m not trying to peer pressure you, take into consideration that millions have started integrating smart technology into their homes within just a few years. Clearly, home automation is doing something right or it wouldn’t be taking over the world so quickly. It’s the future. Just like the Internet, you have to accept it.

2. It’s Fun

Fun. Remember that? It’s what we used to have when we were kids and didn’t have bills to pay. With home automation, you can actually have fun with your house again. You can even turn home automation into a game. For example, make a list of everything you do in your home that seems unnecessary or timely. This could be running up and down the stairs to call your kids down to dinner, or calling a locksmith on a regular basis because you just can’t ever remember to bring your keys with you. Whatever it is, write it down. Now, try to find ways to automate or simplify the task. What about a home intercom system so you can easily call your kids from their rooms? Or how about a keypad or fingerprint door lock that doesn’t need keys? It’s pretty exciting when you find a solution to something you previously considered to be a necessary duty.

3. You’ll Save Money (in the Long Run)

Yes, home automation can be expensive if you go all out. However, many smart home systems are designed to save you money by reducing energy usage. Not only are you giving Mother Nature a break, but you are also saving a buck on your monthly bill. Others, just save you from spending money elsewhere. For example, if you install a home entertainment system, you won’t have to pay $15 a ticket at the movie theater.

4. Security

Not to get all Unsolved Mysteries on you, but home break-ins and fires and floods happen way too often to not protect your greatest treasures. From security systems to alarms to video and motion detectors, a smart home provides peace of mind and helps you feel safer, whether you’re at home alone watching a scary movie or five thousand miles away on vacation.

Photo by: pnwra