Welcome to the Hotel Robot Bellhop

hotel robot

Buzz, buzz.

Who’s there?

(robot voice): Room. Service.

Yup, that’s right. Robots are now a part of the hospitality industry and are even being used in some hotels worldwide including Singapore, Japan and the United States.

Smart technology is not new to the industry; many hotels have started installing control systems for temperature and using tablets that help guests with services like ordering transportation and food or making other room service requests. Big hotel chains have also launched smartphone apps that ease the guest check-in process.

While most of these technologies are tried and tested with the general public, hospitality robots are still a new and delightful thing. The robots have been used for months in hotels around the world to help hotel staff keep up with peak hour requests, and they are gaining popularity.

The manufacturer, Savioke, describes their product as “robot as a service” (soon to be called RaaS?), and have generically dubbed them Relay. Individual hotels, however, have given their robots their own monikers, from Elvis to Wally to Dash.

The Relay robots are small, slow, and, well, cute.

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