4 Reasons it Makes Sense for Amazon to Buy Ring

Amazon made a big move recently and purchased the successful video doorbell company Ring for an estimated $1 billion. That might seems like a lot of freaking money (and it is), but Amazon took the investment as a worthy risk considering all the ways it will help make them more successful in the future. We all know that Amazon isn’t going anywhere, and isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so it makes sense that they 

are investing in their future.

Here are four reasons why it makes perfect sense

 for Amazon to acquire Ring:

amazon delivery

  1. Amazon is in the business of package delivery. With a fully integrated Ring video doorbell device, Amazon can tap into the camera to have photos taken when packages are delivered, along with a timestamp. This will provide proof that protects both the company and the delivery service. It can help cut down on fraud, which in turn reduces costs for Amazon. This also means that Amazon would be able to work with recipients to help find out if packages were stolen, but tapping into the camera feed. Video doorbells can already detect motion near doors, and can be set up to trigger a video feed and alert when that happens. It makes sense for Amazon to own a product that can do that, so that real-time action can be taken if packages are getting stolen.amazon key
  2. Ring can support the Amazon Key service. Amazon released the Amazon Key service for its Prime members, which uses smart locks and smart cameras to allow delivery drivers to access the inside of a home for package delivery. This service also helps reduce the risk of lost packages, and the Ring video doorbell can further protect Amazon and its customers by recording and monitoring anyone and everyone that enters or exits your home.smart home
  3. Amazon wants to control your smart home. The Amazon Echo is arguably the most well-known and popular digital smart home assistant, so it makes sense for Amazon to partner with other major smart home product providers. Sure, Amazon could, and does, manufacture many of its own products, but Ring has already penetrated the market and has a pretty good trajectory. It’s gotten major news coverage, and has expanded its line with several new products in just a few short years thanks to successful funding. It’s a better move for Amazon to acquire the existing business than it is for them to try to build their own product from the ground up.google
  4. Google owns Nest. Nest is now a direct competitor of Ring, as it has officially released its own video doorbell. Since Google owns Nest already, it makes sense for Amazon to scoop up Nest’s competition. Never one to accept being bested, this sets Amazon up to, if not stay ahead, at least keep pace with Google’s smart home efforts. Owning Ring, instead of just having a partnership with them, will allow Amazon to make direct and seamless integrations of the Ring and Amazon ecosystems.