Confessions of Someone That Adapts to Tech Early

using cell phones

As an early adopter of the latest technology, my goal is to be cooler than you. That’s right, I am a super cool badass, and you aren’t. At least, that is how it is in my mind. The truth is, however, that being an early adopter leaves me with a few skeletons in my closet. Here are five confessions from someone with the latest home automation technology.

Confession #1

I still feel weird talking to my technology. I have had access to Siri for years, and now I also have Alexa, so you’d think that I’d be comfortable talking to my technology. The truth, though, is that it still feels awkward. Especially in front of other people. There are times when I am on the phone with someone and need to give a voice command to turn my lights on or off, and I mute the phone call to do so. I have no explanation for this. I really love the idea of voice-activated home automation and I obviously buy all the products, but there is still some hesitation.

Confession #2

I am pissed that a newer model will come out eventually. Even if its release is a year or two away, I know it is coming. Many home automation products that we buy can be updated through software, so that’s not a big deal. A lot of bugs and other nuisances can be addressed through software updates and patches. What I’m worried about are changes to the hardware that put me behind the times. I know – deep in my soul, I KNOW – that I shouldn’t buy the first model of a product, but I do. Over and over again. I wish home automation products had a trade in program the way that most cell phone carriers do.

Confession #3

I definitely do not know how to use everything. I go through the same frustrations as most people go through with a new product or device. I find myself reading Q&As in forums, scrolling through instruction manuals, and even submitting my own questions to forums and customer service. I eventually manage to figure things out, but I don’t just inherently know everything, despite what my mom thinks.

Confession #4

I avoid using my new home tech in front of some people because I don’t want to have to explain them. And, OK, and small part of me also doesn’t want them to be inspired to buy their own, because I’m (shamelessly) trying to be the coolest person in my circle of friends.

Confession #5

I don’t want other people to buy me home technology devices as gifts. Damn, I know that sounds harsh and ungrateful, but my home automation system is very intricate and I can’t use just anything. My fabulous friends and family know this is a hobby of mine so they want to contribute and support me, but they don’t have a background in home technology. If they don’t ask me before they buy something, it could end up being a product that I can’t use.

What are your confessions?