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Jeff is a tinkerer. He loves gadgets, but usually waits until the reviews are out before buying something. He loves the DIY projects, and loves help setting things up too. Some of his favorite products and services may not be the most well known, but he loves his custom solution.

Embracing the Digital Shift in Emerging Markets: Navigating Possibilities and Overcoming Challenges

In a world racing with technological transformations, something profound is happening beyond the borders of well-developed economies. The digital revolution, once thought...

Government Backs a Future of Artificial Intelligence

The future of artificial intelligence just got jacked up, thanks to an executive order from the President. Like many things that offer wings, though,...

Three Arguments That Show How Automation Can Create Jobs

The world is changing every day, and the advancement of automation technology is at the forefront of that change. There are plenty of people...

Will Your Echo Soon Transform into a Robot?

According to Bloomberg, tech giant Amazon might have a top secret project in the works that could invade our homes as early as next...

Apple Updates HomePod with AirPlay – But Is That Enough?

While Amazon and Google have seen success with their smart home speakers, the usually popular Apple brand is struggling to connect with the market....
smart technology help save our environment

Can Smart Technology Help Save Our Environment?

There’s a lot of chatter about smart home technology, and whether or not it is good for us, for our kids, for our pets,...

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4 Reasons it Makes Sense for Amazon to Buy Ring

Amazon made a big move recently and purchased the successful video doorbell company Ring for an estimated $1 billion. That might seems like a...
wearable technology

Is Wearable Technology About to Go Too Far?

Amazon. We need to talk. It was revealed that Amazon was granted two patents to make a wrist device that would track warehouse workers and...
smart home speaker wars

Smart Home Speaker Wars: Amazon vs. Google vs. Apple

Three big names in technology – Amazon, Google, and Apple – now officially have smart home speakers available to purchase. Each speaker, at its...
digital assistants

Digital Assistants Set Sights on Gadget Domination

What is artificial intelligence (AI) going to do this year? The same thing it does every year, or course: try to take over your...