Is It Time to Get Smarter About Our Bathrooms?

smart bathroom

While the thought of a smart toilet might seem like an overindulgence for rich people, it can actually have some positive environmental factors that could convince even the most off-the-grid person to give it a go. If you’re looking at a new built, a bathroom remodel, or just need to get a new toilet, you might want to consider if it’s time to get smarter about your bathroom.

Here are some of the basic features that you could get if you decide to upgrade to a techy toilet:

  •       Auto flushing. Auto flushing isn’t super new, it’s something that has been in commercial bathrooms for years. Having this technology in your home, however, is a nice perk. Whether it’s the kids or your partner that are forgetful, a smart toilet can assure you never get a nasty surprise when you go into the bathroom. Auto flushing also eliminates the need for you to touch a toilet handle. That’s a sigh of relief.
  •       Clog protection. Is there anything worse than when a toilet overflows and you have dirty water everywhere? Most smart toilets have a feature that prevents this type of overflow, which is good for your sanity, your cleanliness, and your bathroom floor.
  •       Heaters. Depending on your smart toilet model, you could be looking at a warm and toasting tush, as well as feet. Cold toilet seats and floors are enough to ruin a day, after all.
  •       Cleaner. Self-cleaner, to be exact. Cause cleaning toilets is a dirty job.
  •       Lid control. Smart toilets even come with remotes, so you can control things like the lid. The lids can even be closed slowly, so no more loud lids banging against your toilet seat.
  •       Safety. If you are one of those that gets up in the middle of the night to use the toilet, you know that darkness is not your friend. With a built-in nightlight, your smart toilet could be your saving grace.
  •       Smells. One thing that happens to toilets over time is that they smell. A smart toilet can help with that, since they can be purchased with a self-deodorizing feature.

The best – or I guess some could argue the worst – thing about smart toilets is that, yes, some models can integrate with smart home assistants to you can control your seat lifts and toilet flushes with your voice.

Smart toilets can be a water-saver, but they are also going to be using a power source, so you could argue that the payoff actually just balances. Water consumption, however, can definitely be more controlled, since smart toilets have sensors to help determine how much water to use for each flush.

The other thing that might break your smart toilet dreams is the cost. A smart toilet is going to be a big investment. You might be able to add some smart features to a plain old dumb toilet if you need to save money. Going full smart could cost you thousands of dollars (if you go big).

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